For my last spring break as an undergraduate student at Drexel, my girlfriends and I decided to plan a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Initially, we were a group of six, however, only three of us ended up going on the trip. It was such a bummer because it was meant to be our last girls’ trip together but we (myself, Amara, and Lenny) were still able to make the best of the trip.

We ended up staying in a very spacious AirBnB and it was relatively close to everything you could possibly need. One of the bedrooms actually had a partial ocean view and the apartment was close to really good restaurants, the beach, and just a short ride to Old San Juan as well.

Here’s a recap of the restaurants, activities, and places we visited during our time in Old San Juan & San Juan:

Places To Eat:

  • Perla Restaurant: One of our friends, Shalom, recommended this restaurant for us to celebrate Lenny’s birthday and it was really good! Essentially it’s a Fine Dining Restaurant with lots of seafood and vegetarian friendly meals.
  • Serafina: Mediterranean restaurant with modern Italian cuisine. The calamari was pretty good – the spicy tomato dip was nowhere near spicy but it was still a good combo.
  • Crush Juice Bar: This place was SO good! It was next door to our AirBnB and I went there almost daily for smoothies. Everything they use is fresh and you can watch the entire process right in front of you – no suspicious syrups or ingredients – just natural and fresh products.
  • Cafe Marquesa: Regular degular shmegular place serving American eats. Nothing fancy.
  • Asere: Probably my favorite restaurant from our entire trip, however, I might be biased because I LOVE Cuban cuisine.
  • Himalaya Ice Cream: Artisinal Hand Rolled Ice Cream. They use fresh milk and sugar and have tons of different flavors and toppings to add in the mix! I ended up getting the Chocolate OVERLOAD and it was so worth it! It had Chocolate Brownie & Oreo Cookie Ice Cream topped with Chocolate Whipped Cream, Chocolate Chips, and Chocolate Drizzle. Truly, it was chocolate overload!
  • Cafe Berlin: I’ve been on a few medications for some months now and I can no longer have alcohol – not even with frozen drinks. So, I ordered a Virgin Mango Daiquiri at this restaurant and till date, it is honestly the best I’ve ever had. Coming from someone who is quite picky, etc. – LOL. This place is located in Old San Juan, close to the cruise dock and they specialize in Puerto Rican food, international cuisine, and vegetarian dishes. I highly recommend this place!
  • CrepeMaker: I think we all underestimated this place because it was not fancy at all but it was REALLY good! Amara and Lenny have been to Paris before so they had high expectations but in the end, we all agreed that it was pretty good – especially for the price.

Places To Visit/Things to do:

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, The Latin Roots, Piñones (Where we found Hipic Cache)

Parasailing: Lenny & Amara did this and really enjoyed it.

As always, please see below for a few pictures from the trip.

Stay adventurous, dear friends, and always remember to stay golden. All ways, always.