Last summer, I was serving as a Technology Consulting Intern at PwC out of their Dallas office. During that same time, I was meant to participate in Harvard Business School’s Summer Venture in Management Program but I decided not to because I felt my internship was way too short and there was no way I would receive the full-time offer if I left my role and traveled for a whole week. In hindsight, I definitely played myself because so many of my friends were in similar positions but they all did SVMP and still received full-time offers from their summer internship! Till date, I am not sure why I never applied for the program because I am a firm believer in, “Apply now, figure out the details later.” I guess my village people were really doing me last summer cause it still does not make sense to me! LOL.

Anyway, since I did not participate in SVMP, a found a similar program at HBS called Peek Weekend and decided to apply. According to HBS, “Peek Weekend is an educational experience designed for college students to gain knowledge and insight into the MBA degree. Peek Weekend will help participants develop a greater understanding of the challenges leaders face, the many dimensions inherent in the business world, and the impact participants can have on their community and the world through organizational leadership. Using the renowned case method of instruction, HBS faculty will lead class discussions on current management challenges and opportunities. Participants will spend evenings analyzing real business cases, and use morning study groups and classes to examine and debate their ideas through lively interaction with peers and faculty. This is the life of an MBA student at HBS. The classroom experience will be supplemented by sessions with HBS staff, students, and alumni.”

Although this would not have been my first time going to HBS, this program allowed me to thoroughly experience the HBS Case Method first hand and got the opportunity to meet some of the professors, MBA Admissions staff, alumni, and current students. This year’s Peek Weekend had three cohorts: Ivy, Crimson, and Veritas (my cohort).

Over the course of the weekend, we had 5 cases (as opposed to the 12-14 cases SVMP tackles) and the subjects ranged from accounting and finance to marketing, organizational leadership, and supply chain & logistics. During my time at Drexel, some of my business courses incorporated cases from HBS and those were usually my favorite lectures because it gave me the opportunity to directly see the concepts that we learn about in action.

On Saturday afternoon at HBS, all of the cohorts got together and attended a series of workshops and a lecture by Professor Scott A. Snook – an amazing professor! If you have the time, please google him and watch some of his lectures and read his articles. He is very captivating and knows his stuff!

While at HBS, I experienced the imposter syndrome and let ?? me ?? tell ?? you ?? – it was SO REAL! However, I believe I have reached a point in my journey where I no longer question myself whenever I am invited to the “big people” table. Whenever the thought of doubt starts to creep in, I always tell myself this:

Samuella, you belong at the table. You were invited. You are worthy. You are needed. SIT at the table. BE PRESENT.

As always, please see below for a few pictures from my experience at HBS. If you would like to chat further about my brief experience at HBS, please comment below or get in touch!

Stay adventurous, dear friends, and always remember to stay golden. All ways, always.