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Very tasty food, Great packaging, Awesome customer service. It's a must try!!!
- Ama

5 star service

If you want a home away from home food and you haven’t heard of Samuella’s Kitchen...you probably don’t live on planet earth. Absolutely lovely delivery service, delicious local/Ghanaian dishes. I ordered a variety of Ghanaian dishes couple of weeks ago; tastes just like home. No long thing, order yours now cause I’m going for a second round.
- Ralph


Great food and service. I would highly recommend.
- Mr. 2.4

SK Jollof Rice

Impeccable. Reordered and quality was consistent. I'll definitely recommend SK.
- Joseph Appeah

Review - SK

Money well spent. Good food, prompt delivery, and great customer service. I will definitely be ordering again!
- Hilda


Great customer service. Never misses a deadline and food is always great. A+++ food and service.
- Asiedu

A very satisfied Customer

Homemade food made from the heart & you can really taste the love with every bite. If you haven’t had SK’s cooking, then you are missing out big time.
- Ewura Adjoa

Your Fave Could Never.

Samuella's Kitchen has been a savior for a busy college student like me who also happens to be very picky. Always a very satisfied client! Her customer service is stellar! And the fooooddd, quite honestly is one of the reasons why my vegetarian life is constantly put on hold. I really do recommend SK to everyone I meet and I've never regretted it!
- Awurama


Delicious Food & Cake.. Great service. Highly Recommended

SK never disappoints

You can be assured that you'll always get delicious food from Samuella's Kitchen. P.S. The Corned Beef Jollof is high key addictive. You have been warned.
- Shalom

SK Makes Me Happy

Honestly, if you're not eating SK famous jollof rice then please get your life ! Customer service A++++ Food A++++ Shipping A+++++ EVERYTHING A++++++ I'm not exaggerating, SK food and desserts will literally save your life ! It saved mine. Especially for those in college, we struggle sometimes getting food so this has been convenient for me.
- Sandra

You can't go wrong with Samuella

My food arrived on time. It was well packaged and everything in the box was so delicious. I ordered okro stew, jollof rice, banku, goat and fish stew, shito and fried tilapia so I wasn't expecting all to be this delicious but OMG! Everything came out so well. I will order again and again!!
- Joyce

The bomb

First of all, her customer service was excellent. I even ordered extra stuff at the end and she was able to squeeze it in.. the food really tastes good.. Too much of the food I had to save half in the fridge... lol and I told her next time she should cut down the amount of meat in my okro before my husband gets a sweet mouth. Overall, I'm a satisfied customer!!
- Akosua Mina

SK's Biggest Fan

The seasoning on the meat was the bomb I literally chewed the bone to dust. You Rock Girl!!
- Joyce Eshun

Highly Recommended!

Professional, sweet and DELICIOUS food! Will definitely order again!
- Stephanie

Awesome food!

The jollof was splendid! Kept a brother full for over a week!
- Fritz


Fabulous food. Always tastes good. You’ll keep coming back for more
- Naadoc

Mouth watering delicacies...

It doesn’t take a paragraph to explain something that’s already amazing. The intricate taste of SK food will leave your taste buds and stomach prodigiously craving more and more. Better than your local African Restaurant. Better than your old woman’s cooking. 20 out of 10 for SK. Appetizing, delectable, delish, heavenly, gratifying, satisfying, titillating, luscious, scrumscious, succulent and highly delightful.
- Enoch Eshun

What a wowwww!!!

So I’ve had SK’s cakes, suya shrimp, fried rice, etc. and trust me they’re all amazing but the goat meat jollof rice I had recently changed my life. What a wowww!!! Rice on point and every single micro fiber of the meat was well seasoned!!! Now I understand why she insists on at least 3 days notice for meat orders, mediocrity is NOT an option here. Just know with Samuella’s Kitchen, you’re getting value for your money!!! More grease to your elbow sister!!!
- Derek B.

SK Food

If you haven’t tried Samuella’s food, you are missing out. Her cakes reminds you of the typical, soft, moist Ghana cakes. Her food is just simply yummy and her customer service is impeccable . Samuella - thanks for the extra stuff. Return customer for sure. God bless!
- Angela

Great & Timely Service

My fried goat meat came on Friday and hubby and I had it with wine as dinner. It was that awesome. My daughter rates your lemonade as the "best ever."
- Peace D

SK Food

Omg, all the foods were on point, they took me to ghana and back. Customer service was amazing. You could tell she cooked and packaged the food with care and love. SK foods are highly recommended. Try it and thank me later. Good job SK!!!
- Caroline

Best service EVER.

So I happened on Miss Samuella’s page on instagram by chance and may I say, best blessing ever. From my first contact with her, the level of professionalism impressed me the most. I needed help this thanksgiving cuz I am pregnant and I work a lot and have a husband and 2 kids. I knew it was a long shot getting good Ghanaian food where I live but Samuella made it happen. I ordered last minute and this thoughtful lady made it work somehow. I recieved my package completely intact. No spills or spoils after being on the road for 2 days! I have to say I called everyone I knew and told them I found a gem, because generally, you hardly find someone with this impressive customer service. I don't know her but I absolutely love her. Not to mention the food is incredible. Very well seasoned and I was just so touched that she even included a surprise for me because I told her I was craving a particular pastry. Almost brought me to tears. May God continue to bless you and the work of your hand. Don’t change a thing you are doing dear. You rock!!!
- Nana Ama Ofei

Waakye and Lemonade

I love the Waakye very much and it’s a lot too. Lemonade was amazing, great touch! Definitely worth the money and delivery was great! Very proud of the business you are growing, keep working hard and reaching past the stars!
- Priscilla

Great Food!!

I received the food and put it straight in the fridge! It was sooo soo good! I’ve honestly never had fried rice that good! And you can tell she took the time to cut everything. I’m usually the type of person to pick everything out of my food, but not this one. Ate the whole plate! Jollof was really good also! My boyfriend is African American, I made him a plate and he ate it all! He loved the jollof the most! The lemonade was soo good too! On top of everything, Samuella gives great customer service! She is soo sooo sweet and friendly! I will be definitely eating it again! OPEN A RESTAURANT, PLEASE!!
- Akua Tabi

Goat Jollof

ON POINT!!! Worth every cedi/dollar!
- Kay

Amazing Jollof Rice

This was my very first time ordering Jollof Rice from Samuella's Kitchen, and I must say the Jollof was well prepared. The Jollof itself was so seasoned and definitely not too spicy. The delivery was well organized, even added sweet freshly made lemonade, with a lovely hand-written message attached to the order. The amount I spent on the order was well worth every dollar. Not many people are able to cater to other states and keep the consistency in the item cooked, for purchase. Samuella's Kitchen is definitely worth the investment. My review, with many other wonderful testimonies, should also be a helpful decision to look no further but to place an order with Samuella's Kitchen! May God bless this wonderful business!
- Eunice Trust

Best Jollof Ever

You should represent Gh in all of those Gh/Naija jollof wars...
- Sammy B

Great food & wonderful service !

Everything I ordered tasted amazing ! The food was great, and I appreciated that Samuella was flexible on timing for the delivery considering my class schedule. She even added a lemonade to my order (which was really good) - I’ll be getting that along with my next order ! Super sweet lady and amazing food ! You can tell she puts a lot into this business to deliver a great experience for her customers . Overall a wonderful experience for me and I highly recommend her food & services !
- Rebecca


Delicious food. The goat meat jollof rice is so yummy. Lemonade drink so good too. Overall rate of customer service was amazing. I will be ordering more delicious food again and again.
- Linda

Worth every dollar!

Everytime I order from SKitchen is truly a treat. Samuella is simply the best! Her food is delicious and her professionalism is bar none. There is no doubt that she has won me over as a lifelong client!
- Stephanie

SK Food

Order was delivered as promised. My favorite might be the jollof ( I love rice), but they were all awesome. Thanks so much. More power to you.
- Dee Neeman

SK Jollof

I loved the Jollof very much and Lemonade was splendid, delivery was on time, keep working hard and reaching past the clouds...sky is the limit.
- Steve A

Samuella's Kitchen Food

This is the best Ghanaian joint/caterer you can ever find. All her meals are to die for, especially her jollof with goat meat, which is the best I've ever had by far! It really is a delight and I'm always caught licking my lips whenever I'm eating her food. It's that fingerlicking good kinda food, that makes you question why and how you've put up with all the other trashy meals out there this whole time lol! She really immerses her soul and summons her ancestors when making these meals for you so all you have to do is just sit, relax, and take a trip to heaven. Her great culinary skills aside, Samuella is quite the professional, as she responds to requests promptly and goes out of her way to make the experience worthwhile for you. I joined this train last year and I've not left it ever since. Place your order ASAP and your life will never be the same again!
- Abdul-Aziz Ahmed

Personal Touch

No one does excellent service like Samuella’s Kitchen. What makes this brand stand out is that personal touch. It feels less like a business transaction and more like an amicable exchange. The aforementioned ‘personal touch’ is not only present in the service provided but in the meal itself. It is absolutely delicious, and it tastes like it was made just for me. Thank you, Samuella, thank you.
- Ugo Umeano

Awesome food, awesome service!

I had a really great experience with Samuella. The food was awesome - I mentioned to her I wanted it a bit spicy and she did pay attention to the little details. I can tell she puts a lot of passion and commitment into what she does and I admire her for that. The food tasted amazing, had great flavour, was well seasoned and just simply yummy! I'm a grad student and was going though a rather busy start to the semester so this was a perfect solution for me. Samuella was very flexible and actually picked me up from school because I got caught up with an assignment. She's really sweet and genuine and I'm sure she'll go places. Highly recommend ! God bless you x
- Rebecca

Wakanda Sorcery is this!

Honest to God, I ordered Samuella's goat meat jollof, egg fried rice, and spicy fried turkey and let.me.tell.you. It was definitely worth the hype. I honestly don't know why I waited so long to place an order. Being a college student, it was super convenient for me (and did I mention the shipping was fast?) Lol I am just in love. Everything was seasoned so perfectly!! I will be making a second order very soon!!! (Oh yeah and her lemonade was to die for)
- Irene Attah

Goat Jollof

If I could rate 100 stars I would! The goat was so tender. I enjoyed this for my birthday. And the lemonade to wash it all down was the best!
- Deanna

Owner, POKS Spices

I ordered 8 bottles of Samuella's lemonade and in 3 days all 8 bottles were finished. My dad is a food 'snob' because He basically cooks and makes his own juices from scratch. However, he kept complimenting the lemonade. Today, he tried some Simply Lemonade we bought earlier and said, "Ghanaian girl no lemonade y3 fine koraa sini saa lemonade Wei". This is coming from a man whose food standards are so high.. well done Samuella. As for the rest of the household, you can imagine what we thought because it got finished so quickly. As directed, it is best served over ice.
- Abena Foli


I ordered chicken fried rice. Very well seasoned and extremely delicious. Plus, Sammy's very professional and sweet. Keep up the good work.
- Priscilla

Great dishes

I love your cooking and would want to learn from you.
- Heather Abrafi Agyapong

SK's Almighty Goat Jollof

I was privileged enough to enjoy SK's Almighty Goat Jollof and Suya Shrimp. The goat meat transported me back in time to growing up as a kid in Nigeria. It was that good. And as per the Jollof, I've told SK to trademark it, and I’m not kidding. I once had jollof from another vendor where I forgot to put it in the fridge for just a couple of hours. By the time I realized the jollof had gone bad. I had SK Jollof in my bag the entire day and I was really scared it would have gone bad. To my amazement it didn't; I warmed it up and of course it was good as new. It isn't oily too for the fit fam guys out there. And honestly, I prefer Nigerian jollof but SK's Jollof can make you change sides..so beware. The Suya Shrimp were of course a nice addition to the pack. I'll recommend SK any day.
- Amos Akinola

Bad to the bone

Literally the most juiciest bowl of Jollof and meat I've ever had. Samuella is out here saving lives one fork at a time. If you haven't tried it then you're missing out!!
- Nana Yaa

SK Goat Meat Jollof

I ordered SK's Goat Jollof Rice and it was the absolute bomb and I really enjoyed myself. Everything was cooked really well and I didn't think I would get so much goat meat for the price!
- Sarah Adigba


I ordered the goat jollof and the beef stew. I live in California and received my food in excellent condition. The taste is 10/10 (trust me, I am a picky eater). The aroma alone will bring a smile to your lips! Highly recommended!!
- John Degbor


This is actually my second time ordering from Samuella! My favorite thing ALWAYS is the fried rice. My fiancé loves her jollof as well! I am such a picky eater and will literally pick out any vegetables I don’t like. Samuella cuts them up soo small you barely taste it! And she also personalizes it based off what I like! I can honestly say her fried rice is the ONLY fried rice (other than Chinese and thai rice) that I’ve ever had.
- Akua T.

Very Very Yummy Food

I ordered some goat meat Jollof and peppered turkey from Samuella’s kitchen recently. It’s one of the best goat meat Jollofs I’ve eaten in the US. Everything was perfect! I ordered the food to be a little spicy and she did a great job in making it the way I wanted and to top it all FREE lemonade to wash it down. Oh the customer service! She talks to you like she’s known you for years (I low key think maybe she’s been my friend before?!). From the point I ordered to finding a good courier till when the food got to my doorstep, she was in contact with me. I highly recommend her and I’m definitely going to order more food. Thanks Girl!
- YA

Always consistent!

Samuella's Kitchen provides great-tasting options from the motherland. The consistent taste and flexible menu keeps me coming back. The professional packaging and handwritten note attest to the fact all dishes are made with love.
- Abdlmalik Anibaba

Superb Ghanaian dishes

Everything is on point! I'm on a diet and that's why my choice was solely the mackerel base. I've eaten nothing but the spinach stew mixed with a little bit of the okro stew. Customer service definitely 5 stars and the packaging was perfect!
- Nana Boateng