Restaurant: Mukasechic

Price: Over 60 GHS (Converter)

Location: Inside F1 Washing Bay, Ability, Adgringanor, Accra, Ghana

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Comments: On this trip to Ghana, I had a list of restaurants I wanted to visit and Mukasechic was one of them. I traveled with two of my friends for about 40 minutes and we honestly struggled to find the location. Once we found the place, we had issues with the menu as they did not have a lot of options/traditional food items. Long story short, we settled on the items below and I was able to sample both of them. Personally, I thought the fried eggs would come fried with nothing inside but it came with tomatoes, onions, etc. and I could not eat cause I like my eggs without anything in it. I guess it was my fault for not telling the waiter, however, I figured it would be plain since they did not ask. The rest of the dish was pretty good – pretty standard.


  • Jollof Rice with Fried Snapper, Salad, and Green Sauce
  • Pink Angwamo (Oil Rice) with Fried Eggs, Sardines, Red and Green Pepper Sauce