PURA VIDA: Costa Rica

This post is LONG overdue as I took this trip in June of 2018 but I just realized it was still in my drafts in WordPress so I am publishing it now, sorry friends!

Yes, I recently went on another trip – LOL! This time, I went with my original travel buddy and the whole trip was a bit spontaneous. We booked the trip on a Friday and by Sunday, we were airborne. Unlike most of my trips, I did not spend hours doing research on places to eat, visit, etc. I just packed my bag a few hours prior to the flight and went straight to the airport from church.

We stayed at the Radisson in San Jose, Costa Rica and it was a really good choice. Even though the facility was not five star, the experience felt like we stayed in a five-star resort. Everybody from the receptionist, Milena; to Martha, our housekeeper and our waiter, Alvaro – they were all a pleasure and we really enjoyed interacting with them. One of the things I liked most about the hotel was the breakfast (it was free – plus, who doesn’t love free?). I was expecting a continental American breakfast, however, they put a twist to every single dish and made sure to serve a Costa Rican breakfast staple every single day: Gallo Pinto. The breakfast also featured tropical fruits, an oatmeal station (I’m lowkey obsessed with oatmeal), various juices, and a bread station: MY GOODNESS. Okay, maybe the bread station was my favorite! Without a doubt, besides my obsession with Goat Meat Jollof Rice, the reason why I might never have abs is because of my love for bread. White bread, wheat bread, brown bead, sugar bread, milk bread, dinner rolls, etc. Something must kill man and mine will definitely be food – and honestly, I am perfectly okay with that!

We spent 6 days and 5 nights in Costa Rica and we got a chance to visit a few provinces. On Monday, we spent the day touring around San Jose, visiting the many tourist attractions and just having a good ole time. We visited the Nacional Theatre, Plaza de Cultura, walked the streets of San Jose and ended up in front of Museo de Ninos – a children dedicated solely to children. We wrapped up the day by having dinner at Nuestra Tierra. I coined the phrase, “Something must kill man – and mine will definitely be food” after we ate at Nuestra Tierra. Trust me, the food was THAT good. Our waiter recommended I try their Peppermint Lemonade and in the beginning,  I thought it was going to be nasty but it was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had in my 23 years of being alive. Trust me, I am not exaggerating lol. As most of you know, I am not impressed very easily but you just have to try it for yourself. If you ever end up in Costa Rica, make sure to visit Nuestra Tierra. You are welcome!

The following day, we took one of the local buses to Heredia, another province to sightsee and enjoy the local cuisine as well. On this very day, Nigeria was playing Argentina in the world cup and of course, we would not miss it for the world. We found a cute little shop selling customized wooden products and snuck in. After lingering there for a while, it started to rain and while I was expecting the store owners to shoo us out, the offered us chairs and we sat and watched the game there. After everything that has happened in Nigeria this past week, it would have been really nice to have that win, however, with everything that happens – there is a reason.

On day 4, we took one of the local buses to Quepos, Costa Rica to visit The Manuel Antonio Park/Beach suggested by a friend of mine, Imani. I am so glad we took her advice because the place was beautiful. The park had a lot of interesting aspects, including a “hikeable” trail to a waterfall and to a beautiful beach. Certainly, God is an amazing artist!  I am not sure if any of the pictures will do the place justice, but it was incredible. We rounded up the day eating local cuisine and mangoes and drinking fresh coconut juice.

For our last day in Costa Rica, I wanted us to do another day trip to Tortuga Island, but we were pretty exhausted, and I could not imagine going through another 3-4 hour bus ride. We spent the day indoors and decided to have lunch at our hotel instead. The food and drinks were spectacular – so good that we decided to stay in again for dinner! LOL.

The places we visited had a Ghana vibe to It and it felt like we were home. From the streets having a Nima feel, to their markets resembling Makola/Kejetia, it was fast-paced, yet relaxing in a weird, yet enjoyable way. With our flight, hotel, food, and activities, we spent around $800/PP and to me, that is a really good deal – especially for 6 days and 5 nights. I thoroughly enjoyed San Jose, Costa Rica and I would recommend it to all!

As always, enjoy the pictures below and feel free to get in touch if you have questions or are thinking about planning a trip to Costa Rica!

Stay adventurous, dear friends, and always remember to stay golden. All ways, always.


Samuella/Rich Auntie Sammie